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The Celturian: "Sharpening Stone by Ben McCombs

Imagine if Jimi Hendrix were British.

Now imagine Jimi swapping his Howlin’ Wolf records for Ged Brockie and Robin Bullock and trading in his white Fender Stratocaster for an acoustic guitar.

Armed only with wood, strings and some very muscular fingers, The Celturian (a.k.a. Martin Lucas) is the white, Celtic Jimi Hendrix. Sounding good is one thing when you’re hooked up to a Marshall amp and 12 metric tons of distortion. Small mistakes sound like brilliant improvisations. But acoustic instruments are not so forgiving. That’s why most rock musicians, when they do pick up a dreadnaught, mainly stick to strumming.

The Celturian’s track, “Sharpening Stone,” has plenty of chutzpah. Drumless and voiceless, Lucas lets his fingers do the talking. The actual chord progression smacks of an 80’s low-budget action flick, or maybe a film version of the “A-Team.” But it’s the riffage that moves the song along, and there’s plenty of it. And I mean riffage in the Mark Knopfler sense of the word, not the Yngwie Malmsteen tradition. Lucas manages to find real melodies amidst the frantic picking, a difficult feat for the most seasoned. guitarist.

Ok ,I saw clearly that the right hand was yours..but to whom was the left one ?.was it an artifact created by a powerful computer ?,son of the druids, a celtic blood is giving to you a powerfull music!!!
Thank you

Ive Seen many great Guitarists here in you tube but this one brother is just one exceptional performance. I love the way you moved the capo and removed it.Ur faster than a speeding bullet.

Incredible playing and dexterity! wonderful tune,has a irish lilt! what a absolutely amazing performance and a beautiful sound,Thanks celturian and thx
robert Rls guitars for sending this Awesome piece ...Reg Whoaaaa!

Did you think to have a banjo.? Did you forgot that you have a Guitar,and not a banjo.?Anyway,you played banjo with a guitar,...Incredible!I could perhaps write that you are a good guitar player.?Not sure...A good Banjo player oh yeah baby!!Joking!!you're a incredible Guitarist! Thank you for this Amazing moment.

Just Beautiful!!A sad mood and at the same time,full of life and sweet feelings,and i liked alot the video,finely madewith a bunch of craxy pictures coming directly from our dreams  or (nightmares) Great Thank you.,
The Celturian, is not just an ordinary artist.. He's a true Musician, an expert in the field of Music and its artisty. He paints in the tapesty of one's soul.
His music is just beautiful..absolutely Brilliant.
Celtic Music, As he calls himself the Acoustic Warrior! He defines, that music is the whole that carries one's souls creativity. His music is definately heartfelt as he clearly states, and I totally agree. The Celturian, is one of the most talent and finest of musicians that I have come across. To actually give you a short Bio, here, would be an injustice. So who is "The Celturian"? The best I can say is to FEEL him in your heart, and be blessed. A COMPLETE BIO, and his journeys will leave you in complete ... Aww ~!
Every now and again, it's good for the soul to step back from all the electronics and gizmos to appreciate the elegance of music in its classical form. The Celturian (Martin Lucas) is armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar. This self-taught acoustic guitarist is from Birmingham, Britain, and has a Celtic and classical approach to his pieces. He has gained attention in America over the years, landing himself a handful of impressive events, such as playing live with Iron Maiden. One of his latest masterpieces is "The Soloist".

You are immediately soothed and touched by the elegant and intricate picking. The Celtic and classical style that he is known for shows through impressively, leaving us in a serene state of mind. The tune varies in volume and tempo, making this short track quite dynamic despite it only consisting of one acoustic guitar. This is the mark of an extremely talented acoustic guitarist. He keeps you engaged in his relaxing and peaceful style in not only "The Soloist", but in the rest of his work as well. "The Soloist" is filled with rich textures and layers that will keep you listening to the very last seconds.
Phillip Yung
I had the honour to play ay the TV/E BAFTA film Awards in London this year 2014, due to the success of last year they have invited me this year in November 23rd to perform live again, such a prestigious event and a great place to play. I will be performing Classical and Celtic instrumental music throughout the evening.