Martin Lucas ---The Celturian

An acoustic Warrior with an acoustic guitar as his weopon, Martin Lucas-aka The Celturian- has been captivating audiences with his unique style.

The Birmingham- based self taught musician, who has also been dubbed the Celtic Jimi Hendrix, has raised the popularity of gaelic-themed music to new levels by pioneering its performance on acoustic guitar.

With no margin for error, Martin relies on concentration and muscular fingers for his continous solos that veer from heartfelt melody to frenetic flurry.

Having experimented in the Celtic format since the 1990s, his style involves using the entire neck of his Takamine guitar in fast reels, using open tunings with up to three capos or more to present a richer range of chords.

The Celturian-Martin's own word to help define his music- is now taking his Celtic acoustic format to new heights
with the recording of a new album , The Eye in collaboration with singer songwriter and martial artist Fay Goodman.
The all- original work, produced with the musical backing of
Rick Wakeman and studio support from Loui Nicastro, the producer of The Stranglers, is due for release in June 2010. The album The Eye is now available to buy in itunes.

Fay has produced three albums of solo work-under the EMI label -Kokoro, Creative Spirit and Head in the Clouds- that successfully fuse her interests in music and martial arts.

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